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My meeting with Frank I was a just a youngster of 15 and I happened to be listening to the radio and heard my very first western song called 'HIGH NOON', sung by 'Mr Frankie Laine'.

That 's when it all started for me! I purchased my first record with Frankie Laine on the cover.

Great songs like '3.10 To Yuma', 'That's My Desire', 'Riders In The Sky', ' I Believe' and a great many more of his big hits all made it into my tribute record collection which can be found on the Cd page.

Time went by and as I grew a little older I started singing some of Frankie Laine's song's. Apart from Frankie Laine's songs there were other great singer's whose songs became part of my repertoire. Perry Como, Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin and Frank Sinatra to name just a few. Although great singers in their own right they never seemed to match my favourite singer, and my hero, Mr Frankie Laine.
It was in the year of 1994 that I heard about FLIAS, which is the
( The Frankie Laine International Appreciation Society ) and of coarse I joined without hesitation. Members receive, a quarterly magazine informing all of us about Frankie's past and what he is up to at the present time.
I soon became a very serious fan of Frank, my walls soon displayed many photos, a lot of them signed by my Idol. In 1994, the year I joined the society, FLIAS members had a Get-together to celebrate and talk 'Frankie Laine'. It was one of the best weekends I had ever had. Records were played, films were shown, but what made it even more special was to be around like minded fans who are to this day great friends. We often phone each other, guess what we talk about? yes Mr Frankie Laine.


Frank and myself at his home
A Dream come true, meeting up with Frank at his home in San Diego, and here I was in person, talking to my hero


My Dream Came True
The year of 1998 will remain very special to me, a year I will never forget and the memories have stayed with me right up to today. It was in March of that year that I flew to San Diego, the home of Frankie Laine. I can't tell you the times I used to dream about meeting Frankie Laine and here I was in person, about to meet him at his home.
Mr Frankie Laine, a true gentleman
It was his 85th Birthday and I was amazed at how great he still looked. I was also impressed with his great sounding baritone voice when he sung some of his songs for us.

I guess everybody has a hero in life, or somebody to lead the way, I have this great performer and entertainer Frankie Laine, and I consider myself very privileged to call him my friend. Frank married again at the tender age of 86 which goes to show how much life the great man has still got and may he continue to entertain us for many years to come.
. .
Frank has so much time for his fans
I am now a professional singer, and doing well, but I sincerely believe that it was from the inspiration I gained from my hero and friend Mr. Frankie Laine.


© Charlee Laine 2010